And so it goes . . .

To our AKT family:

Due to economic conditions caused by the COVID-19 crisis and shut-downs, Anne’s Kitchen Table will temporarily close from April 16 to April 26, 2020.

As we have stated before, we are truly humbled by all of the support from our families, friends and customers.  We would like to thank EVERYONE for helping us stay open for as long as we did and for being part of our programs to help others. 

Rest assured that we will open again!  We will come back even bigger and better!

Please continue to check social media and our website for further announcements and information regarding our re-opening.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU all for your support.

Please stay safe, stay strong and stay healthy!

See you all soon!

Michael and Sheila Palermo

Owners Anne’s Kitchen Table

Paying it forward

We have been overwhelmed by the many phone calls we have received from family members, friends and customers, who want to participate in the “Pay it Forward” part of the STAY STRONG! STAY HEALTHY! Program at Anne’s Kitchen Table!!

We would like to thank the following people: Napoleon & family, Shari, Gabriella, Diane & Mike, Michael, Nick, Gianna, Mary Rose, Sean, Joey, Barbara, Matt, Angie & Bickie, Rebecca, Sheila, Maggie, Wendy, Joanne & family, Peggy, Sue, Mary, Karen, Ann and Janet.

Because of your very generous donations, we have been able to help feed the homeless in Philadelphia, provide meals to numerous families in and around the Glenside area, as well as provide meals to those on the front line in the ICU and ER departments at Abington Memorial Hospital.

We are so humbled and very grateful for your donation to our mission to help those in need during this COVID-19 shut down.

If you or someone you know needs a hearty, healthy meal-please call the restaurant 215-576-1274 and we can use these donated gift cards to continue our mission to help those in need!

Help those in need.

We have had several friends and family members purchase gift cards to Anne’s Kitchen Table, only to give it right back to us in order to pay for anyone or any family who is in need of food!!

If you or someone you know needs a hearty, healthy meal-please call the restaurant 215-576-1274 and we can use these donated gift cards to help those in need!


Michael and I would like to thank our families, friends, customers and the Glenside community. 

We are truly humbled by your ongoing patronage and continued support during the COVID-19 crisis. 

It is during challenging times when we see the very best in people. We are privileged to witness this every day at Anne’s Kitchen Table .  All the goodness inspires us to keep going and be our very best as well!

We will remain open, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, in order to provide prepared meals to Glenside and the surrounding community with take-out or delivery.   We will also continue our STAY STRONG! STAY HEALTHY! Program which provides inexpensive, healthy bagged meals for kids and adults. 

If you know of anyone or any family who is in need of food or meals, please contact us at the restaurant 215-576-124.  We can help! 


Michael & Sheila


Anne’s Kitchen Table will stay open and we are here to help.

We at Anne’s Kitchen Table want to make sure that everyone is getting the food they need during this crisis, especially our needy kids who are not in school.  Our Stay Strong! Stay Healthy! Program will give kids a healthy meal at an inexpensive price.  For $3.95, a bagged lunch will include choice of sandwich, a piece of fruit and a bottle of water.  Our sandwiches are:  Grilled Cheese, Half of a Ham & Cheese, Half of a Turkey & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, or Peanut Butter & Nutella (add .50 cents)

For our older adults who are quarantined at home, for those who are sick with COVID-19, or those who simply want a quick, inexpensive lunch, remember for $8.25, Anne’s offers a Half Sandwich & Cup of soup.  

For lunch, order online for TAKE-OUT, or we can run your meal outside to you CURBSIDE.  You can also order through GRUB HUB and have your meal delivered, or one of our staff can DELIVER to you if you are local. 

We are also offering prepared dinners for pick-up or local delivery.  On Wednesday we have Cowboy Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes for $11.95 per person.  We need 24-hour notice of your order. 

Let’s keep everyone strong and healthy! Call Anne’s Kitchen Table at 215-576-1274, or e-mail us through our website for take-out or delivery.


We at Anne’s Kitchen Table want to make sure that everyone stays healthy and safe.  We are closely following all of the information and recommendations that are coming from the CDC-Center for Disease Control, the WHO-World Health Organization, as well Montgomery County Department of Health and local health and government offices. 

We will continue to utilize best practices to sanitize all surfaces to prevent the spread of any germs; use social distancing; frequently wash hands or wear gloves; and closely monitor all staff members for any sign of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Any sign of illness, the staff member will be sent home for quarantine-as recommended. 

We will stay open for our customers to dine-in, take-out, or have meals delivered.  You can order online through our website, GRUBHUB or call the restaurant 215-576-1274 and pick up curbside or have delivered by one of our staff. 

All of the health organizations are recommending to stay home if you are unwell or exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus.  We want to keep Anne’s Kitchen Table up and running, but it is more important at this point in time that everyone to stay healthy and safe.


For more information and updates on the COVID-19 coronavirus click the following links:…/coronavirus/coronavirus-2020.html…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 

The “Souper Powers” of Anne

If you have ever enjoyed a bowl of soup at Anne’s Kitchen Table, you know it’s a meal unto itself; hearty and delicious, filled with creative ingredients to satisfy and give comfort.

But did you know what goes into Anne’s soups?

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . . It’s sort of magical.  Anne will open the refrigerator and pull out this and that, fresh vegetables, pasta, rice, chicken, beef, fresh herbs . . . she’ll then fill the soup pot with stock, add ingredients, a little of this herb, a pinch of that spice, a sprinkle of that . . . she doesn’t measure, and she doesn’t write anything down, but in the end creates the perfect bowl of soup.

I had her tomato basil soup the other day, which was DELICIOUS!  My husband explained that Anne puts a dash of cinnamon in for a touch of sweet to balance out the tart of the tomatoes.  BRILLIANT.

Getting to know Anne over the last few weeks, I am not surprised that she has “souper powers.”  But those powers move well beyond the creation of delicious soup.  She took a little restaurant and used her creative powers:  added some hard work, a touch of love, sprinkled it with comfort foods and welcoming ambiance and created the perfect little spot in the heart of Glenside.

We are hoping that as Anne moves into “retirement” that she uses those magical powers to write down her story of success.  Just throw in a little sage advice, a pinch of sarcasm, stir it up with some humor and good fun, and VOILA—a masterpiece!

We are so happy to be part of Anne’s Kitchen Table community.

Come visit and have a bite to eat!

Michael & Sheila

Someone with a dream

I spent some time reading through the blogs beautifully written by Anne, current owner of Anne’s Kitchen Table.  I was moved by her loving tribute to her mother, intrigued by the sage advice about working and finding success, and inspired by her thoughts on aging gracefully and living a full life.  I plan to take every single word to heart.

Reading the blogs also gave me further insight to this resourceful and resilient business owner.  Anne with her husband, Tom, have worked long and hard to create Anne’s Kitchen Table, a warm and welcoming place where guests can enjoy healthy, comfort food; food to fill their belly and warm their hearts.

Anne and Tom have had a successful career, but they are at a crossroads which was made clear in the August, 2018 blog, where Anne wrote, “there will come a time when I won’t be at the helm . . . . but perhaps someone else with a dream, with high hopes, will come along.”

That person did come along, and as Anne predicted, that person has a dream and high hopes.

Michael Palermo, a long-time resident of Glenside is that person.  Over the last few years, Michael attended classes at the Culinary Arts Institute at Montgomery County Community College.  His love for cooking grew even greater, so much so that he decided to retire from a 32-year career in business and real estate and take the helm of Anne’s Kitchen Table.

Michael is hoping that Anne’s words will ring true for him and he too will be able to look in the mirror after 19 years, and see a man who with no regrets, a man who had the best time of his life at Anne’s Kitchen Table.

We are hoping that all of our guests will join us as we thank Anne and Tom for their years of hard work and generous hospitality, congratulate them on a job well done, and wish them well as they begin their “retirement.”  It is our hope that all your dreams come true, because everyone knows . . . . there is no stopping someone with a dream.

Thank you for everything Anne and Tom!!


TO ALL OF MY FABULOUS CUSTOMERS OUT THERE!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and trust for these last 20 years. I am forever grateful to have had the adventure of a lifetime, owning this little oasis of food and friends. I will treasure it always. Tom and I have decided to retire, but Anne’s Kitchen Table is and will always be here for you. Come on in and let me introduce you to the new owner, who want to carry on the AKT community and continue to serve out some damn good food and love. And I will be around also. Can’t get rid of me that fast!! I am full of love because of all of you.