Little steps . . .

After we purchased Anne’s Kitchen Table in August of 2019, we had planned to have a GRAND OPENING in early 2020, but . . . the COVID pandemic hit, and with it came the struggle to be flexible. We went from to-go only, to a limited menu, to a limited staff, to limited hours and days. It’s been a challenging two years in the restaurant business, but . . . we are still in the game! And we are still making little steps of progress every day.

We finished up the painting and clean-up in the main dining area. Updated the restroom. We reorganized and updated some of the equipment in the kitchen. We updated the menu with some amazingly delicious sandwiches and salads. Then, several months ago, we made it official and changed our name to Palermo’s Cafe.

We have come to understand that Palermo’s Cafe is a hidden jewel in Glenside. Because we are tucked back on a one-way street, not everyone knows about our delicious home-made soups, healthy salads and hearty sandwiches. Not everyone knows about our vegetarian and gluten-free options or our delicious carrot cake and fat cookies. Not everyone knows about our new cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch or our pancakes and french toast on Saturday morning breakfasts. But people are slowly learning about us because, after enjoying a meal at Palermo’s Cafe, our customers tell their family and friends, and we are seeing a lot of new faces–yet another little step.

We hope to continue to make those little steps of progress in all areas of our restaurant.

Join us as we continue to move forward every day.

See you at Palermo’s Cafe.

Mike & Sheila Palermo