The “Souper Powers” of Anne

If you have ever enjoyed a bowl of soup at Anne’s Kitchen Table, you know it’s a meal unto itself; hearty and delicious, filled with creative ingredients to satisfy and give comfort.

But did you know what goes into Anne’s soups?

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . . It’s sort of magical.  Anne will open the refrigerator and pull out this and that, fresh vegetables, pasta, rice, chicken, beef, fresh herbs . . . she’ll then fill the soup pot with stock, add ingredients, a little of this herb, a pinch of that spice, a sprinkle of that . . . she doesn’t measure, and she doesn’t write anything down, but in the end creates the perfect bowl of soup.

I had her tomato basil soup the other day, which was DELICIOUS!  My husband explained that Anne puts a dash of cinnamon in for a touch of sweet to balance out the tart of the tomatoes.  BRILLIANT.

Getting to know Anne over the last few weeks, I am not surprised that she has “souper powers.”  But those powers move well beyond the creation of delicious soup.  She took a little restaurant and used her creative powers:  added some hard work, a touch of love, sprinkled it with comfort foods and welcoming ambiance and created the perfect little spot in the heart of Glenside.

We are hoping that as Anne moves into “retirement” that she uses those magical powers to write down her story of success.  Just throw in a little sage advice, a pinch of sarcasm, stir it up with some humor and good fun, and VOILA—a masterpiece!

We are so happy to be part of Anne’s Kitchen Table community.

Come visit and have a bite to eat!

Michael & Sheila