Someone with a dream

I spent some time reading through the blogs beautifully written by Anne, current owner of Anne’s Kitchen Table.  I was moved by her loving tribute to her mother, intrigued by the sage advice about working and finding success, and inspired by her thoughts on aging gracefully and living a full life.  I plan to take every single word to heart.

Reading the blogs also gave me further insight to this resourceful and resilient business owner.  Anne with her husband, Tom, have worked long and hard to create Anne’s Kitchen Table, a warm and welcoming place where guests can enjoy healthy, comfort food; food to fill their belly and warm their hearts.

Anne and Tom have had a successful career, but they are at a crossroads which was made clear in the August, 2018 blog, where Anne wrote, “there will come a time when I won’t be at the helm . . . . but perhaps someone else with a dream, with high hopes, will come along.”

That person did come along, and as Anne predicted, that person has a dream and high hopes.

Michael Palermo, a long-time resident of Glenside is that person.  Over the last few years, Michael attended classes at the Culinary Arts Institute at Montgomery County Community College.  His love for cooking grew even greater, so much so that he decided to retire from a 32-year career in business and real estate and take the helm of Anne’s Kitchen Table.

Michael is hoping that Anne’s words will ring true for him and he too will be able to look in the mirror after 19 years, and see a man with no regrets, a man who had the best time of his life at Anne’s Kitchen Table.

We are hoping that all of our guests will join us as we thank Anne and Tom for their years of hard work and generous hospitality, congratulate them on a job well done, and wish them well as they begin their “retirement.”  It is our hope that all your dreams come true, because everyone knows . . . . there is no stopping someone with a dream.

Thank you for everything Anne and Tom!!