On Monday, I woke up at my usual 7:00 a.m., trudged into the bathroom, combed my hair, noticing just a little more gray showing, brushed my teeth, noticing just a little less shine, washed my face, noticing a few more wrinkles around my eyes, and bent down to pick up my hair clip, noticing a little more ache in my back, and put on my shoes, noticing just a little more swell in my feet. Just another morning, like every other  morning.  But somehow, for some reason, this day felt different.

It wasn’t until much later that afternoon, that I realized that what I was feeling was time, time gone by, not by minutes, or hours or days, but by years. 19 to be exact.  In the blink of an eye, 19 years had just evaporated! Anne’s Kitchen TAble had entered it’s 19th year in July, 2018. Just like that.

I can remember so clearly, the first day we opened our first location in Elkins Park.  We were so full of dreams and hopes.  We were going to be a big success, not realizing how hard it is to even stay in business, yet be successful.  There were so many lessons to learn, so many mistakes to make, so many ideas that didn’t work. We hung on by the tips of our fingers, watching the bills pile up and the customers not show.  We moved to another location and waited for a miracle, my parents chipping in to keep us going. It was scary times, but something just kept me going. then we were told they were knocking down our place.

We moved again to Glenside in 2004. One year, two years…five years…10 years…and now. I still have dreams and hopes, but the years have changed them. They are no longer about me, so much, but of the continuation of what we have done, of the entity of Annes Kitchen TAble.  There will come a time when I won’t be at the helm, but perhaps someone else with a dream, with high hopes will come along  and be able to look in the mirror after 19 years and see the wrinkles and gray, and feel the ache in their back for having the best time of their lives.  I don’t regret one moment.