Anne’s Kitchen TAble has had it’s ups and downs, but there’s one thing I know.  I will  protect it,  love it, and see it to the end.  It’s coming up on 19 years.  I  was 49  when I took the risk of opening up this entity, which has grown along with me, which has seen the best and the worst of my life.  It has brought some of the best people into my world and some who hopefully took away a little bit of my caring in spite of momentary disagreements. The restaurant world is mean, but that’s not me, so the struggle was extra hard for me.  There were moments when I should have be harsh sooner, or less caring quicker, but that’s not me.  IN a world where forgiveness and  understanding is rare, Here I stand, sometimes feeling quite alone.  But that’s ok.  I will always be there for the people that I love.  I have never walked away from my loved ones.  We all live with demons, skeletons in the closet, secrets.  No one escapes that.  So we live our lives as best we can, and when we falter, we hope that the people who matter will be there to pick us up and point us back in the right direction.

I’m not afraid of the future.  You are only as strong as your obstacles are high.