I’m a big “go our for Sunday Breakfast” kind of girl.  I want someone to pour me coffee (actually, I drink decaf, but don’t tell), ask me how my weekend is going, and then bring me a Lox and Bagel, or my favorite eggs over medium with scrapple, or, if its’ later in the day, I may opt for a Corned Beef special.  I want someone else to clear the table, do the dishes, and send me off feeling satiated and ready to take a lovely walk in the wood, do my laundry, or read a book.

We started our Sunday brunch thinking that we could bring some excitement to Glenside with an upscale menu, locally grown, and a little different than the diner fare.  I’m beginning to realize that here in Glenside, folks want what we do best,  Soups, sandwiches, salads and good service.  So, here’s what we do with Sunday.  Starting on Sunday, October, 14th, we are opening up at 11 a.m. until 3 pm. and we are going to do simple breakfast and our tried and true daily menu, along with our delicious soups of the day, and maybe we will throw in some kind of fun Brunchy special.

So, come on over, make yourselves at home and  we will be doing what we do best!!