Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cooking is a skill that you learn, like road paving, or computer programming, brain surgery.  Cooking is an art form.  It comes from a deep down need to express oneself intimately, to share oneself’s inner vision of beauty through the use of  all the senses. Some artists use paint, or pastels, or charcoal. Some artists write music, some artists dance their creativity.

My sister is an artist.  She drew this when she was in sixth grade.  That’s her and me.  I’m the cute one.


My father was a musician with the Philadelphia Orchestra for 25 years. Here is a statue of him done by an artist friend of my parents.

IMG_1935.jpgI could never draw like my sister, or play an instrument like my dad, But I did know how to make people happy through food.  What better way to offer yourself to others, than be creating something that smells amazing , looks fabulous, awakens your taste buds, and then you get to eat it.  Sorry Candy (that’s my sister), but you can’t eat your drawing and you can’t munch on that statue.

Food is essential. Love is essential. Creativity is essential. I put those things all together and then offer it to you on a plate.  And it’s a lot cheaper than a Picasso.